Jetlev R200x

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    Introducing the JETLEV R200x, the world’s most advanced water-propelled jetpack. The R200x features the same silhouette, power, and flight system as its R200 predecessor, plus significant upgrades.

    • Best-in-Class 2013 Rotax Engine Platform
    • Enhanced Engine Intake Improved Power and Fuel Economy
    • New Impeller Assembly Affords Greater Thrust
    • Re-designed Pump Housing
    • “Easy Ride” Pilot Seat For Improved Comfort
    • Reinforced Hull Design For Increased Durability and Performance
    • Full Electronics System Upgrade

    The only water flight system authorized for use by the US Coast Guard, by grant of USCG exemption.

    And yet, our most compelling upgrade is the price. With a base price of $68,500, it has never been easier to take to the skies. Stop dreaming and start flying with the new JETLEV R200x.

    Starting at $68,500 USD


    The R200x Flight System Includes:

    • Carbon Glass Composite Jetpack
    • 255hp Power Unit
    • Hose/Electrical Control Assembly
    • Custom Jetpack Stand
    • 1-Day Personal Pilot and Safety Certification Course (PPC)

    Total System Price:

    $68,500 USD

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