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You have been dreaming about flying a personal jetpack for way too long. Your wait is finally over!


Jetlev Technologies, Inc. is proud to introduce the Jetlev R200, the recreational jetpack that almost anyone can enjoy over water. It is designed for safety, stability, ease-of-use, and precise and effortless flight controls. Learn basic flight with video-assisted training on land and as little as six minutes of on-water instructions.

No other flying device even comes close to the Jetlev R200’s stability, agility and ease of use. Feel as one with the jetpack when you fly, and experience levitation flight so stable that you feel as if you are suspended on cables. The three-dimensional degree of freedom will thrill and enthrall you like nothing else you have ever experienced. You can fly over deep open water with the assurance that it is one of the safest power sports ever invented. The Jetlev R200 will forever change our pre-conceived notions about personal flight!







We are very pleased to announce the March 2011 release of the Jetlev R200 and our rollout plans. In North and South America, Caribbean, Asia-Pacific, and South Africa markets, the manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) for the 2011 model R200 is 99,500 USD.

In Phase 1 of our product rollout, we plan to produce 70 units, with twenty units being earmarked for training purposes for delivery in March and April, 2011. The next fifty units are earmarked for sale to dealers and customers in the US and Canada. Orders are being accepted now for delivery between May and June 2011.

In Phase 2, we plan to produce 130 units and to expand into Mexico, the Bahamas and Caribbean regions. Orders are being accepted now for delivery between June and September 2011.

In Phase 3, we plan to produce about 300 units and to expand into Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Brazil, Argentina, and selected other Central America and Asia Pacific markets. Orders are being accepted now for delivery between September and December 2011.


To receive detailed information about various business opportunities and Jetlev buying information please click on the link below and fill out the information request form.

A deposit of 25% is required with any pre-order to secure a production position (delivery priority).


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We are recruiting a very select network of dealers. In the United States, Jetlev South East LLC. of Fort Lauderdale, Florida will be our first official dealership, serving the Southeast region including FL. GA, SC, NC, TN and AL. We are looking for only one high caliber dealer each for the South, South West, Hawaii, North West, Midwest, and North East regions, as well as the East and West regions in Canada. We prefer existing recreational product dealerships that are well capitalized and market leaders in their region, or dealers with customer networks in waterfront resorts or marine product lines, or equivalent.