Join the Jetlev revolution … for the simple joy of personal jetpack flight, or you may participate in its growth and success in one of the following categories:

  • Distributors help navigate local certification and regulations, supply dealers, and help develop regional markets with marketing programs and dealer recruitment. Their profits are derived primarily from discounts and other incentives from the manufacturer. Click Here for Distributor Application Form
  • Dealerships sell products in designated regions, carry inventory to fill orders, and arrange for customer training, delivery, and repairs and maintenance service. Their profits are derived primarily from discounts and other incentives from the manufacturer or distributor. Click Here for Dealer Application Form
  • Service centers are authorized watercraft dealers who are recruited near a dealership or near customers, who are willing to upgrade their training to provide repairs and maintenance service for Jetlev customers. They earn service fees from the manufacturer for warranty work, and from customers for repairs and maintenance work. They sometimes generate profits for handling product preparation and delivery, as well as markups on parts. Some service centers may also be dealerships.
  • Professional trainers offer training for certified and master instructor training, beginners training, demonstrations, performances, and adventure packages. Fees are paid from various sources: the manufacturer, dealers, marketing companies, television producers, event organizers, and retail clients. They may also earn referral fees where such programs are available.
  • Flight centers provide basic flight training and flight experiences for fees, but may also provide some of the same services as professional trainers. Flight centers may take various forms including waterfront rentals, resorts with Jetlev service, charter yachts, and adventure tour companies.


  • Membership Clubs provide members with a recreational venue, marina facilities, equipment, and hospitality services. Their revenues consist of initiation fees, annual membership dues, usage fees, assessments, and food and beverage sales. Click Here for Trainer, Flight Center, Club and Charter Yachts Application Form
  • Jetlev theme parks are flight centers that offer extra amenities and attractions such as games, performances, racing, accommodations and restaurants. Their revenues may consist of admission fees, ride fees, training fees, room rentals, souvenir and merchandise sales, and food and beverage sales.


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