How the sketch became reality....

Raymond Li, a Chinese-born Canadian from St. John’s Newfoundland, first sketched out his Jetlev concept on a yellow Post-it Note in 2000. After seeing his masterpiece on paper for the first time, Ray unceremoniously retreated, filing it under “I” for Impossible by burying it in the trash.

The sketch was long gone, however, Ray couldn’t shake his vision… he couldn’t shake his passion.

And 3 years later, Ray began conducting extensive research, concept development and testing on the first ever, water powered jetpack.

With assistance from the National Research Council of Canada in 2004, Jetlev kicked into high gear and Ray conducted a series of unmanned flight tests. In 2005, Jetlev relocated to Dania Beach, FL where Ray’s motley crew of daredevil engineers and test pilots cautiously initiated the first in a succession of meticulously planned, manned flight tests. A few close calls… but mostly exhilarating highs. The first fully operational Jetlev prototype was completed in August 2008. A few months later, various clips from these test flights leaked online and went viral, surfacing on a variety of video sharing websites, boasting over 10MM views Worldwide. Seemed that the world was ready for Ray and his crazy contraption.

From 2009 to 2011, development continued and Ray and his team worked to perfect the prototype.

Finally, a model was ready for commercial production.

And after numerous prototype iterations, dozens of test pilots, hundreds of flights, thousands of hours and countless modifications, Jetlev commercially launched the R200 in early 2012.

In early 2013, JETLEV unveiled the R200x, it’s most advanced flight system yet. Coupled with a dramatic reduction in price, the sky is now literally the limit.