Top 15 Best Kayaks for Beginners Reviews in 2020: For Your Amazing Summer

Kayaking is becoming a popular aquatic sport and because it appears to be simple to move on the water; therefore, lots of people prefer to give it a try. Without understanding the fundamentals, particularly when you are just taking up this sport, you should not go headlong. Consistently it's essential to be conscious of the equipment and waterproof shoes or ultralight travel backpacks to go for the best kayaks for beginners.

If it’s your first time buying a kayak, then the list of top 15 best kayak reviews below will be of great help to you. Keep reading reviews from Jetlev to understand the best kayak for beginners before you hit on the waters.

Detailed Reviews: Best Beginner Kayaks in 2020

Sevilor Fiji 2-Person Kayak

With a stylish yet straightforward design, the Sevylor Fiji Kayak is absolutely a user-friendly kayak. Inflatable kayaks are fantastic for customers as the characteristics guarantee ease of storage or use. First and foremost, the kayak uses a well-designed center seat to match a couple of people.

This kayak is easily maneuvered on water bodies, like lakes and rivers. It has adequate security features that bring you a great sense of safety when sitting in. You needn’t worry about the leakage while kayaking because it is equipped with an airtight system that prevents leakage problems from arising. And if there's a puncture, there are many air chambers to protect the kayak from being damaged and help it to remain floating in a long period of time. Additionally, you will find spray covers to maintain the chairs comfy and dry.

There is hardly any hassle when using or carrying this kayak. So inflatable it is that it can be deflated after usage and also, easy to keep. In reality, lock valves and the miniature lock make deflation and inflation become easier. This product comprises a transport bag and a paddle alongside a warranty period that lasts for about 90 days.


  • Available seat for solo kayaking
  • Simple to handle on water bodies
  • Prevents leakage because of the airtight system
  • Atmosphere chambers maintain the kayak afloat for extended periods.
  • Contains a carry bag and a paddle
  • Has a 90-day guarantee


  • Not suitable for using on choppy or sea waters
  • A part of the kayak is not sturdy.

2.Sun Dolphin Bali SS 8-Foot Sit-On-Top Kayak

The Sun Dolphin Bali Kayak is designed to look user-friendly and maybe a brilliant choice for an exciting water ride. This exceptionally lightweight 8-foot kayak is exactly what beginners need with its sit-on-top design for simple entrance and exit together with a well-padded, flexible chair.

The highly resilient substances such as UV-stabilized Fortiflex High-Density Polyethylene prevent the kayak from being destroyed by the sunlight. Additionally, the kayak is designed to accommodate people of almost any height by adding footwells. In reality, its design also has the necessary characteristics to keep accessories and fundamental rowing equipment. There is also a cord in the front to put the gear in. There's also a dry compartment for keeping accessories and these gears.

What Makes This Beginner Kayak Stand Out

  • Versatile, lightweight kayak for ages


  • Simple to paddle with equilibrium
  • Easy to get in and get out
  • Adjustable footrests to accommodate people of varying height
  • Storage area for accessories and gears
  • Comfortable and mobile


  • Unavailable paddle

3.Old Town Canoes & Kayaks Vapor 10 Kayak

Anyone would like to have this brilliantly-designed recreational kayak. The Old Town Canoes & Kayaks Vapor 10 Kayak is the best kayak for those who have not much experience with a kayak . This recreational kayak isn't just enjoyable to use but is very sturdy too, since it consists of highly durable polyethylene material.

This kayak is easily charted on oceans. In reality, the chair is flexible and ensures a certain level of relaxation while kayaking. There's a cockpit rim-paddle-rest if you would like to rest your arms.

For additional relaxation, this kayak is equipped with thigh and knee-pads and also has the Glide Track Foot Brace system that goes quite well with these pads. The comfortable design creates a sense of stability which helps you to control easily while moving. 

What Makes This Beginner Kayak Stand Out

  • Perfectly-sized Royal recreational kayak


  • Long-lasting and comfortable
  • Well-designed for stability, comfort, and management
  • Essential protective storage for products 
  • Built-in carry handles
  • Easy to transfer and handle


  • The chair isn't foldable

4. Wilderness Systems Pungo 125 Recreational Kayak

Excellent for fishing or in case you just would like to cruise around, this sit-in recreational kayak is our top-notch general kayak.

Specially constructed for flatwater kayaking, the Wilderness Pungo 125 includes a small deck rigging, making it the ideal choice for wandering rides in lakes and rivers. If bass fishing is right up your street, then this one is a good choice, and that's exactly what many anglers use alongside a top of the line fish finder to achieve the greatest adventure.

Made from polyethylene material, it has great durability and can remain untouched beauty for a long time, as long as it is cared for in the right way.

Weighing in at just 49lbs, it is extremely lightweight, which will enable you to carry or transport easily. Though the Pungo is light, it is still quite secure and has a lot of space in the cockpit.


  • 1-person kayak
  • capacity 475lbs
  • 12'1" x 33"
  • Fully rigged weight: 99lbs
  • Hull weight: 81lbs.
  • Hull Construction: Rotomolded polyethylene

Because of its equilibrium, this kayak can easily deal with choppy and serene water and is tough to tip over, making it a fantastic option for novices. Therefore, if you are going to have a ride in lakes or rivers, the Pungo will give you the best experience and give you a feeling of relaxation.

On account of this multi-chine hull, you will learn that this kayak works really well in the water and also keeps stability in an exceptional way regardless of what level paddler you're, even for beginners. 

There is a lot of miscellaneous stuff that you need to carry while kayaking? Don’t worry! The Pungo 125 includes a watertight, hatch effective at carrying accessories, food, or clothing. If that is not enough, it includes a deck rig to fasten bags. Additionally, it has a kayak console that provides you with additional space if necessary.

5. Ocean Kayak Malibu 2 Tandem Beginner Kayak

Among the most common tandem kayaks on the market, the Ocean Kayak 12 was designed to cater for families. It includes two Comfort Plus chairs that may be utilized in numerous places since the forward seat may be rotated around to ace towards the back paddler and includes sufficient room for a child or kid in the center.

The design can take care of fast-paced horizontal, and waters, which makes it among the most favorite kayaks on the market. Moreover, it can carry up to 425 pounds. In weight, you will have no problem matching a few adults.

It weighs in at just 57 lbs and is 34 inches broad with available paddlers.


  • 1-person kayak
  • capacity 475lbs
  • 12'1" x 33"
  • Fully rigged weight: 99lbs
  • Hull weight: 81lbs.
  • Hull Construction polyethylene

The kayak also consists of equipment such as straps and tank wells, making it possible for you to store your gear. Additionally, it includes footwells that can allow comfy and paddling feet.

Thanks to the high-density polyethylene (HDPE) for the hull that is somewhat elastic, the kayak is not as vulnerable to environmental factors as other products in the market. Therefore, it will reduce the possibility of cracks. Additionally, it will come with a slide plate that provides additional durability when you are beaching or launching the kayak.

The chairs are made from UV resistant nylon pack cloth, with stainless steel springs and metal clips to clip on the hull. They are also designed to have an illuminating reflective logo, especially beneficial when it gets dark.

If you are wondering that the water is not able to get out the boat when you kayaking, self-draining holes of Ocean Kayak Malibu 2 Tandem will deal with it effectively.

In a nutshell, this is a terrific kayak that provides flexibility all wrapped into one. Whether you are kayaking together with other people, or alone, this really is a fantastic selection for any beginner.

6. Ocean Kayak Frenzy Sit-On-Top Kayak

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If you want a kayak that can defend you from potential risks, the Frenzy might be the perfect kayak for you. This is an excellent recreational kayak that goes well in the water, not only surfing but fishing as well.

Frenzy can be considered as one of the top kayaks that can paddle comfortably for up to 5 mile round trips easily and it can also be used to surf.

Since it has a center keel line that's lengthy and pronounced, you can monitor straight in windy conditions and long-distance paddling which is easier than most other kayaks with the same length.


  • 1-person kayak capacity 475lbs
  • 12'1" x 33"
  • Fully rigged weight: 99lbs
  • Hull weight: 81lbs.
  • Hull Construction polyethylene

The Frenzy strand with an uplifting rocker enables its nose to remain high over the waves. Additionally, such as Ocean Kayaks, this one has room for storage that makes it a fantastic choice for fishermen and sailors. It is ideal for folks of all sizes and shapes.

Another frequently overlooked characteristic is the fact that it's a GPS holder, which means you can know where you are in a blink. This is very good for beginners that are concerned about getting lost while they are kayaking outside.

7. Advanced Elements Island Voyage 2 - Best Kayak for Flatwater Explorers


  • Length: 11' 2" 
  • Weight: 32.0 lbs 
  • Paddlers: 2 
  • Style: Sit Inside 
  • Highlights 
  • Lightweight, Inflatable Design 
  • Removable Seats With Pockets And Bottle Holders 
  • Bow And Stern Bungee Deck Lacing 
  • Propelled Elements Island Voyage 2 

Inflatable kayaks are ideal for those who probably won't have the space to store a hard plastic kayak. This kayak has the measurements (in inches) of only 31 x 18 x 10. Its design is durable enough to make rowing on flatwater simple and convenient.

Made from hardcore PVC Tarpaulin material and solid polyester tube, it can’t be damaged easily by scrapes or punctures. Its high durability is what makes the hull of the kayak hard enough to keep padding efficient. The kayak seats can be removed and placed in three particular positions, which make it adjustable for either solo or pair rowing.

8. Lifetime Youth Wave Kayak - Best Kayak for Children 


Hull Material: Polyethylene

  • Hull Form: Sit-on
  • Length: 6'
  • Length: 24"
  • Weight: 18 pounds.

Kayaking is a game that you may get into at a young age though kayaks are mainly designed for adults. The Lifetime Youth Wave is designed especially with kids in mind, ages five and up with adult supervision. It includes a multitude of features that make life easier for a young kayaker. Intending to keep the kayak as secure as possible, it designed a cockpit to increase balance and reverse below the boat.

If your kid does wind up in the water, then an especially designed swim-up measure in the back of the kayak together with mounded finger grooves for additional grip makes reentry really straightforward. Self-bailing scupper holes will take care of the water that they bring along. Footrest positions might provide relaxation for various paddlers, while fins mounted to assist in monitoring and navigating.

At just 6 ft in length and 18 lbs in weight, the Youth Wave is really simple to store and to transport. It's totally secure and simple to use after it is in the water. 

The only drawback to the Youth Wave is the fact that it's mostly designed for use in the border of a pond or at the beach. If you're seeking a kayak that's acceptable for transporting kids for longer journeys on rivers or in the sea, then the safest alternative is to purchase a tandem kayak.


  • Specially designed for kids
  • Multiple footrest rankings
  • A measure for re-entry
  • Self-bailing scupper holes


  • Not appropriate for rivers or longer journeys

In general, the Youth Wave is the ideal choice for an introduction to kayaking for children because it's custom-built to enable paddlers to kayak. The Youth Wave includes a selection of features, such as a measure and a specially designed cockpit, to keep kids comfy and safe as they know their taking abilities.

9. Sea Eagle SE370 Inflatable Sport Kayak Pro Package

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Let’s have a quick look at Sea Eagle SE370 Inflatable Sport Kayak Pro Package!

  • Weight Capacity: 650 Lbs
  • Length: 12.5 ft
  • Chairs for 3 people
  • Contains: Carry bag

The Sea Eagle is the next kayak on the listing and is a totally different design. Here we do not have an aluminum framework so that it's much less rigid but if fully inflated it retains its shape well.

It has capacity for up to 3 adults or you wish to choose together with your 4 legged friends. Do not bother about the kayak being punctured because the tough Polykrylar hull is here to serve.

The Sea Eagle comes with back and front storage if it is used for camping or for fishing. It is rated for up to Class III whitewater rafting!

Weighing only 32 lbs and deflating to fit the enclosed duffel bag of just 31" x 19" by 8" high, it will readily fit into a cupboard for simple storage.

What Makes This Beginner Kayak Stand Out

  • Best For Paddling for as many as three people and freight in a lightweight package.

10. Wilderness Systems Pamlico Sit Inside Recreational Kayak

Some basic information about Wilderness Systems Pamlico Kayak 

  • Weight Capacity: 500 Lbs
  • Length: 13.5 ft
  • The rear secures the storage compartment.
  • Front storage together with cords

Wilderness Systems causes this sit indoors kayak accessible no less than 5 colors! It is one of the most colorful kayaks in the list with outstanding characteristics that will be specified below.

At 13.5 ft long and just over 24 inches wide, it is a sensibly-sized kayak. It is not too long for beginners to learn on, but not so short to be squirrelly. 

The hull is molded and designed to provide stability. They accomplish this by adding a design that provides stability at low and high rates. There is a deck, dry storage, and totally adjustable footrest. These offer a lot of space for keeping gear!

Wilderness Systems gets big things for creating the incorporated seat among the very generous on our listing. There is plenty of padding which creates a paddling trip that helps people to enjoy to the fullest.

This is the most typical beginner kayak on the list. Best for the choice!

11. Lifetime Lotus Sit-On-Top Kayak

Kayaks are designed to have two main characteristics, one is monitoring functionality, and the other one is guaranteeing security. And that is what makes it become the best choice among the best kayaks for novices. 

Having a high-density polyethylene construct, the Lifetime Lotus Sit-On-Top Kayak is famous for being UV-resistant that prevents it from being ruined by environmental factors as well as maintains its durability. It also has the ability to keep stability in the water with fantastic padding. 

The kayak guarantees a satisfying fit within it and may accommodate adults of varying heights and dimensions. It is fitted with an adjustable chair with a backrest. Moreover, you can throw off tiny things in the tank so that it can store essentials and hinder them from losing by using the bungee cord lacing. It's also convenient to take this lightweight kayak.

What Makes This Beginner Kayak Stand Out

Ideal kayak for households or novices


  • Transport is convenient
  • Highly stable with monitoring performance that is Fantastic
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Comfortable to use with footrest rankings
  • Adjustable chair
  • Contains storage Choices
  • Comes with paddles


  • The backrest is uncomfortable and tough without cushioning

12. Intex Challenger K1, Beginner Kayak

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With a lot of space, this one-person boat is a kayak that novices should take into account. This Intex Challenger K1 inflatable kayak is one of the best kayaks for beginners. Using a cargo net for additional storage, this kayak will have the ability to save all your essential items which are needed for kayaking. 

Additionally, it has catch lines so that you can dock on your home easily. Extra space within the kayak will bring you a sense of comfort on excursions. An inflatable and pleasant backrest provides a relaxing seat. This kayak can take you through waves as well as your overnight hikes. It is worth being the best kayak for all your experiences.

What Makes This Beginner Kayak Stand Out

  • Puncture-resistant design
  • Comfortable backrest
  • A great deal of space

13. Intex Explorer K2, Beginner Kayak

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This kayak has a stylish and sporty design. The design folds small for simple transportation while it inflates to match two adults. The Intex Explorer K2 kayak bright yellow design is splendid if used in the open sea and simple for navigation. Equipped with ultra-lightweight, tough, and durable design, the kayak will give you memorable experiences that you have never had before. Here is actually the best 2-person kayak for novices as this collection includes all you want to get you out.

What Makes This Beginner Kayak Stand Out

  • Lightweight design
  • Puncture-resistant design
  • Inflatable I-beam for stability

14. Old Town Canoes & Kayaks Dirigo 106 Beginner Kayak

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This is one of the most fashionable recreational kayaks on the market. Old Town Canoes & Kayaks have invested time and great effort to investigate and execute their findings together with all the Dirigo 106 kayaks. 

This is revealed in the form of the hull and also the design of the cockpit. Individuals who don't enjoy sit-inside kayak can make the cockpit extra long and big. This offers you all of the advantages of most types of the kayak on the market and brings you the feeling of a sit-on kayak.

Small though it is, it is able to preserve a high quantity of storage. It has a "glove box" in which you can put your mobile phone and wallet. There's also a method, that's the best size for a sack on the front part of a hatch and the vessel behind you.

What Makes This Beginner Kayak Stand Out

  • Fantastic cockpit design
  • Perfect for water Circumstances
  • Highly maneuverable

15. Sevylor Coleman Colorado 2-Person Beginner Kayak

This kayak is one of the best beginner fishing kayaks since it is spacious enough to keep your paddles and will get you comfortable in the water very quickly. It's an inflatable kayak, which means you could transfer it in the event that you don't own a roof rack. It's much easier to store when not in use as it folds into a case that is small. 

There is no need to worry about any problems of the Sevylor Coleman Colorado fishing kayak that is 2-Person because it's remarkably durable. Being free of cracking or denting, this ship is excellent at doing in the water, taking you to the ideal locations for fishing. 

So confident in their product that Sevylor is, they attached a one-year guarantee for this. You can feel at ease because this kayak will keep you safe during the trip and defend you from popping. The air chambers will be beneficial if a person pops, you will have floatation together with another one. This will make it possible for you to get into the shore's security. Pockets guarantee you have sufficient space to pack your gear.

What Makes This Beginner Kayak Stand Out

  • Multiple air chambers
  • Paddle holders
  • One-year guarantee

Buying Guide - Tips for Selecting the Best Kayak for Beginners

When searching to buy, there are several criteria that you should notice:

Durability / Material

If you are new to kayaking, you undergo a learning curve because you have to figure out how to kayak. Consequently, you will need a kayak that is durable and will withstand abuse and the pressure you are going to put all through it.

Purchasing a yak that is long-lasting is among the things if you are a beginner. Examine the reviews to see what previous buyers say, and pay close attention to the kayak's fabric.

There are 7 distinct materials. These include carbon fiber, Kevlar plastic, fiberglass, cloth with a framework, wood, and plastic. Fiberglass kayak or plastic is a great choice, however, the inflatable kayak can be considered as a good selection for beginner

Tough plastic is going to be durable, but it will be thicker. Fiberglass will probably be lightweight but are inclined to be expensive. Kevlar and carbon fiber are lighter, however, are not necessary and extremely overpriced.

Wooden kayaks tend to be somewhat more of a throwback and are not used much nowadays because of high production costs and their weight.


Among the things that you should pay attention to when buying a kayak is the kayak's equilibrium. The very last thing you need is to get out on the water and always be leaning over.

Finding a secure boat and dealing with a small amount of "rock the boat" moves is undoubtedly a fantastic idea.  What you wish to search for in this situation will be a kayak which is short than most other professional styles.

Kayak equilibrium comes in 2 kinds. The first is known as equilibrium, suitable for activities with little movement or simply sitting.

The next is known as equilibrium which will work well when you are in tough waters, high-motion actions like biking, or moving at high rates of speed.

Kayak Length

Determining the proper length will be of pivotal importance. When considering span, you will wish to figure out what's most important to you personally. Not only pace and monitoring ability, but you will also want to decide on a kayak that benefits you more than that. If having the ability to flip the kayak is your concern, then you are going to want to invest in a yak.

In addition, you have to acknowledge how you will transfer the boat. The larger the kayak, the more difficult it'll be to transfer and store. It is very important to figure out what your requirements are buying with kayaks that range from 7 ft to 14 feet in length.

Kayak Depth and Width

Taking into consideration the thickness and width of your kayak may play a significant part in steering the yak. Novices tend to decide on kayaks that are wider since they provide more stability and are easier to get in and from.

If you go for a broad kayak, you may not place too much expectation speed, and the drag will create paddling difficulty.

So far as depth goes, bigger ones or people who want to have more leg space should decide on a kayak with great thickness. The hull will sit higher on those, and you will have a great deal of space, but you will be more prone to environmental factors such as the cold and wind.

The goal of this Kayak

Being aware of what you plan to utilize the kayak will play a big part in deciding what type of kayak to get. Are you carrying it out and hoping to find the experience? Would you like something that's currently going to be suitable for your family? Are you going fishing with all the kayak, or maybe would rather pedal?

All of these are things you want to take into account. You will know which kind of kayak you desire to have. When you understand kayaks thoroughly, then the decisions will be made easier and quicker.

Conclusion: Our Pick For Best Kayaks for Beginners

Buying a top-notch kayak that satisfies your requirement is not so hard. There are numerous things about kayaks and kayaking for you to find out; however, kayaking will be a little bit complicated and challenging for the beginners.

If you would like more information, it is almost always a fantastic idea. Learn about kayak versions that are and determine which sort of kayak works the best for you.

You may return to a list of novice kayaks and discover the one which meets your budget!

And a final thing before we wrap up is:

Our three best picks beginner kayaks

Name of product



Best for

Advanced Elements Island Voyage 2

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Best Kayak for Flatwater Explorer

Lifetime Youth Wave Kayak

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Best Kayak for Children

Intex Challenger K1, Beginner Kayak

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Best Kayak for BeginnersNovice

I hope this guide will be of some help to you to select the best kayak for beginners. If you would like to comment or require further information, please use my contact form to get in contact.

Also, you can find out best seller kayak for beginners via Amazon here!

Have fun and be safe out there!

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