Certification Courses

Learn to fly with Jetlev

Certified Pilot

  • In this 1-day course, new students delve into Jetlev ownership, maintenance, and flight
  • The course is comprised of classroom, shop, and flight time
  • The curriculum focus is to enable the student to become independent as a Jetlev pilot – from transport, flushing and maintenance to basic flight stability and operational skills
  • Courses are offered each week. Class size is typically limited to 3 students per course.

Personal Flight Instructor

  • In this 1-Day course the student will learn to use the remote control system, enabling the student to fly their friends and families in a non-commercial environment.

Certified Flight Instructor

  • This 3-day certification takes Certified Pilots and graduates them to Certified Flight Instructor and is required in order to instruct in a commercial or rental flight-center setting.
  • The curriculum of this course is focused on detailed use of the remote control system for flying new and first-time pilots, as well as assistant training and advanced flying techniques
  • Academy faculty help students simulate, and then overcome, real-world beginner pilot scenarios
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