jetlev jetlev r200 jetlev ownership jetlev storage jetlev flight experience jetlev history
jetlev system specifications
jetlev package includes
Boat Unit
Hose/Control Cable Assembly
Jetpack Stand
2 Helmet Radios (1 small, 1 large)
2 FRS Radios
Remote Throttle Control Transmitter
Operator’s Manual
CFI 1 Course: Pilot Certification
Training & Safety

jetlev performance
Top Speed: 25 mph
Flight Ceiling: 30 feet
Fuel Capacity: 22 gallons
Duration: 4 hours
Range: Up to 80 miles

jetlev jetpack
Dimensions: 38.25”H x 35”W x 24.25”L
Dry Weight: 30 lbs
Positive Buoyancy
Maximum Thrust: 420 lbf (1,850 N)

jetlev boat unit
Length: 127 inches
Beam: 48 inches
Height (with hatches closed): 27 inches
arrow Dry Weight: 649 lbs
arrow Engine: 200 HP; 1500cc;
4-Stroke Marine

jetlev boat unit
arrow Dimensions: 33’L x 4”D

jetlev boat unit

jetlev system specifications
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