Business Models

  • Land-Based


    • Operators offer 20, 30 minute or one hour introductory flights
    • Goal is to maximize volume of flyers and capacity utilization of the units
    • This model can take place off of a dock, the beach, or off a boat


    • Typically targeted to a couple or group-based model
    • Trips are for a longer duration (2-6 hours)
    • Given the location, groups can be taken on tours of local points of interests (i.e. caves, islands, coves, etc.)
    • Services often include meals and perhaps other amenities

    Parties, Events & Demonstrations

    • Typically off-site, customized events
    • Charges based on time and not necessarily number of consumers
    • Significant focus on company retreats and off-sites


    • On-shore operators transport an entire JETLEV flight center to a charter yacht to offer a full menu of JETLEV-related activities
    • These bookings last for a minimum of day and often are extended beyond
    • This model is more regional-based as JETLEV-charters are deployed to meet the yacht at its location
    • Shadow-boat services afford unique Jetlev flight experiences to yacht and charter guests
    Fractional Ownership

    Fractional Ownership

    • Targeted to local, repeat clientele
    • Members can buy-in, similar to a country club, and are granted an allotment of flight time
    • The club covers maintenance, insurance, upkeep, etc.
    • Given the nature of repeat and advanced pilots, instructor demands and oversight are greatly reduced